Quick and efficient

5.0 rating
8th October 2018

We moved from France to Cumbria in September/October and were very happy overall. The teams arrived on time at both ends, worked quickly and efficiently, and were polite and friendly. Things were packed well, furniture was unpacked and transported properly, so there was minimal damage (I speak as someone who’s done a lot of international moves: this was probably the best). The admin side was also efficient and flexible, which is necessary when you’re selling a house in France. We’ll be moving again within 12 months and there’s a good chance it will be with David Dale.


Very helpful

5.0 rating
2nd September 2018

I instructed David Dale to move me from London to Scarborough. The guys were very helpful and on time. They were very careful and wrapped all of my paintings immaculately. I would refer this company to all my friends and family. I have given David Dale a 5 star rating as I would use them again. I did help the guys to carry most of my boxes into the truck in London most people I know would not be happy to do this. The only thing that went wrong was a foot broke of a very expensive ornament. They kindly refunded my Waiting Waiver of £56.00 twice. I thought this was compensation for me not making a claim on their insurance. Now they are asking me to refund this £56.00 as it was an error on their side. I hope in view of the situation and my expense in having my ornament repaired they will decide not ask me to refund the £56.00. Karl



5.0 rating
9th August 2018

Good honest man.



5.0 rating
13th November 2017

Used Dales to move from England to Ireland with a whole house contents and a car! They were perfect for us, even moved our full plant pots. Nothing broken and turned up on time.


Positive experience

5.0 rating
19th August 2017

A positive experience. I suppose I was a relatively easy customer with flexibility on dates and times for a move from the UK to Spain, but some of the items moved were extremely fragile and of considerable value and everything arrived in perfect condition and at the agreed time. They looked after my goods and the price was OK, which I suppose is the most important thing.


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